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Interested in an Understanding Soils Workshop?

We don't have an Understanding Soils Workshop on the schedule at the moment. But we would be happy to put one together, just let us know you're interested.

Here's a little reminder of what this workshop is about:

NEW! Understanding Soils Workshop

This workshop will give you an in-depth knowledge of humus compost as it relates to soil fertility. Topics will cover the impact of humus on the soil and the plant, best practices for humus application, and effective humus supplements. You’ll walk away from this workshop with an understanding of how to use humus compost to build soil structure and nutrient richness, prevent weed and insect pressure, and increase yields.

This workshop is excellent for growers of all kinds (farmers, horticulturalists, turf management experts, etc.) as well as humus producers who want a better understanding of how to market their product.

Length: 1.5 days

Prerequisites: No prerequisites

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